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5th Squadron, 6th Cavalry
Knight Raiders


(1987 - 1992)


1987 ushered in a new era for the unit as one of the army's first AH-64 attack helicopter battalions.  In the latter part of 1988, the squadron was assigned to the 12th Aviation Brigade in Germany. 


The squadron was organized with 5 troops: a headquarters and service troop, 3 attack helicopter troops, and a provisional Aviation Unit Maintenance (AVUM) troop. The headquarters and service troop included the squadron staff elements, a class III/V platoon, a communications section, a motor maintenance section, a food service section, and a command aviation section with 3 UH-60s and one OH-58C. Each attack helicopter troop included an attack platoon with 6 AH-64As and an aeroscout platoon with 4 OH-58Cs. The AVUM troop included a maintenance section, an armament section, and a component repair section. Total aircraft in the squadron was 34 (18 AH-64s, 13 OH-58s, 3 UH-60s).


On August 16, 1990, only two weeks after Iraqi forces crossed the Kuwait border, the 12th Aviation Brigade was tasked to deploy to Saudi Arabia to take part in Operation DESERT SHIELD. Shortly after the end of DESERT STORM, V Corps’ aviation assets were called upon again, this time to deploy to Turkey in order to support Operation PROVIDE COMFORT. Attack helicopters were stationed in Incirlik, Turkey to enforce the no-fly zone in Northern Iraq and to provide humanitarian assistance to the Kurdish people.


On 15 June 1992, the squadron was inactivated during the downsizing of US Army Europe (USAREUR) between 1992 and 1993. 


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