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7th Squadron, 6th Cavalry
Fast Guns

Conroe, Texas

(1988 - 2009 / 2009 - Present)


On 17 September 1988, 7-6 CAV was activated as U.S. Army Reserve Attack Helicopter Squadron, stationed at Montgomery County Airport, Conroe, Texas. LTC Robert Poland was selected to command the first U.S. Army Reserve Air Cavalry Squadron. 7-6 CAV was fielded with 18 x AH-1 Cobras, 12 x OH-58 Kiowas, and 3 x UH-1 Hueys. In 1989, 7-6 CAV fired the first shots in combat during Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama. 


In September 1991, 7-6 CAV reorganized from an AH-1 to an AH-64 Apache helicopter battalion under the auspices of the Reserve Component Unit Training Plan (RCUTP) administered by the Combat Aviation Training Brigade (CATB), Fort Hood, Texas. The RCUTP involved an arduous four-year training program beginning with individual Military Occupational Skill (MOS) and soldier survival skill training and culminating in a battalion level external evaluation (EXEVAL). Training was focused on acquiring skills to destroy armored forces under conventional European Major Theater War (MTW) Mission Essential Tasks (METL)—Movement to Contact, Deliberate Attack, Hasty Attack and Deep Attack. In July 1995, 7-6 CAV successfully completed its EXEVAL and was declared the first combat-ready USAR AH-64 Apache squadron.


On 8 January 1997, 7-6 CAV received an alert notice to perform a mission vital to its nation's security interest. Instead of mobilizing for MTW, the troopers found themselves preparing to conduct Operations Other Than War (OOTW). Specifically, 7-6 CAV was tasked to conduct aviation reconnaissance forward-looking infrared (FLIR) counter-drug law enforcement assistance for Joint Task Force Six (JTF-6), in the vicinity of Del Rio, Texas.


In 2001/2002, the Squadron participated in Operation DESERT SPRING in Kuwait. 


In 2004, 140 troopers from 7-6 CAV deployed and joined 8-229 AVN RGT in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, while other troopers deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. 


After Hurricane Rita in 2005, 7-6 CAV distributed fuel, food, and water to local residents.


By June 2006, 7-6 CAV had deployed over 200 troopers to Iraq in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. In 2006-2007, C Troop served a tour in Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.


On 16 June 2008, 7-6 CAV was inactivated and reflagged as 1-158 AVN, which was then outfitted with AH-64D Longbows.


The legacy of this fine squadron is carried forward by the 7-6 CAV Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, stationed at the Lone Star Executive Airport, Conroe, Texas. 

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