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The Museum features a robust collection of regimental militaria, which includes individual displays from various periods (1861 -present), an original Bantam Car (aka the Jeep), and a tank that patrolled the Eastern Bloc Borders during Constabulary Duty. Perhaps the most unique item is the Shield of Bavaria; the only known official recognition given an American unit by a German State.

Historic Holiday Menus

The 6th Cavalry Museum partnered with the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) to digitize the museum’s collection of historic holiday menus from Fort Oglethorpe during 1925-40. The collection is available at, and features the economic, cultural, and social histories - as well as food and cooking history during this time period. Some of the menus include rosters and photographs of U.S. military personnel, as well as guests and family members. In some cases, the menus include a “year in review” section providing key insights that are not offered anywhere else in the museum’s collection.


These materials have been helpful to genealogists who have used them as a source of historical information. Food historians will be able to use them for a history of food or study of ritualized meals of the period and activities of the troops throughout the year.

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