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Our M-47 Patton Tank

Please help us restore our M-47 Patton Tank, the second American tank model to be named after General George S. Patton.

Volunteer efforts are underway to restore the M-47 for display. The following items are needed to bring this amazing machine back to it's former glory:

  • Historically accurate paint and stencils ($1,000)

  • One 50 caliber gun replica and mounting cradle ($2,000)

  • 30 caliber gun replicas ($1,000)

  • Two 30 caliber dummy ammo belts ($300)

  • Service headlights ($170)

  • Infrared headlights ($160)

  • Military antenna mast base ($60)

This tank served the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines from 1952 - 1959. Please donate and help us preserve this piece of history for our museum visitors.

Our Willy's MB Jeep

We are also in the process of restoring our Willy's MB Jeep. When complete, it will look like the Jeeps used by the 6th U.S. Cavalry in 1945, when the regiment served as General George S. Patton's Army Information Service for the Third Army.

Work includes a full tune-up with new spark plugs, carburetor, battery, air, oil, and fuel filters, a cleanup of the gas tank, wiring, shocks, and an overhaul of the transmission.  

Total Cost is $2,000.


Please help us restore this treasure for all of the public to enjoy! 

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