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The 6th U.S. Cavalry Veterans Association was formed in 1885 and comprised of survivors of the Civil War. The veterans of the Civil War held the association’s annual reunions at that time near Gettysburg, PA. In 1933 the name was changed to Veterans Association-6th U.S. Cavalry, with the purpose being to broaden the eligibility to membership to include all whose service in the United States army could be identified with the rank and file of the 6th Regiment U.S. Cavalry. 


The Association was re-invigorated by World War II veterans of the 6th US Cavalry returning to their homes and families in Eastern Tennessee and North Georgia. The association began holding its annual reunions in Chattanooga and usually ended the reunions with a ceremony at the old post at Fort Oglethorpe.


These days, the members of the 6th U.S. Cavalry Association meet annually in October for a meeting and reunion at the Museum. It is not unusual to hear a former trooper of the 6th U.S. Cavalry (horse) discussing the details of a training ride to Fort Benning from Fort Oglethorpe in the 1930’s with a former aviator/trooper from the 6th Air Cavalry.​

The preamble to the 1939 Veteran’s Association booklet:


The Veterans Association - 6th U.S. Cavalry is a non-profit, non-sectarian fraternity, organized to perpetuate the memories and comradeship born of the days in the saddle, and lest we forget; that warm affection between the Trooper and his faithful friend - The Horse.


Today we are prompted to swing about, and with a solid front move forward dedicating our efforts to the welfare of the men returning to civil life from the 6th Cavalry, creating for them a patriotic environment where they may meet old friends and kick up the dust, from “Rookie” days in the cavalry barracks to the picket line stretched on belligerent territory. This, we feel is a sacred duty we owe to both, the comrade and the United States of America.


One great attraction to service men beyond the Reservation gate is the REGIMENTAL FRATERNITY, one chartered under the insignia of the regiment of service with the Colors, one that offers social and convivial contact in civil life. This, comrade, is THAT fraternity. If you served in the “Sixth” we invite you to join us in preserving the ideals and traditions of our beloved regiment; - THE 6th U.S. CAVALRY.


Membership in the 6th U.S. Cavalry Association is open to anyone who served with the 6th Cavalry (assigned or attached), or a descendant, thereof.  


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